Our SAFe Certification Trainers

Our SAFe certification trainers, SAFe® Program Consultants (SPCs), are change agents who guide organizations through agile transformations with their extensive knowledge of the Scaled Agile Framework®.  

With Rego, all of our SAFe certification trainers are experienced SPCs who not only have knowledge of the framework, but also have developed the best practices used by a wide variety of industry leaders. In our classes, you can have the confidence that you can ask questions and receive guidance from experts.  

Learn more about our SAFe certification trainers below. 

David New

Agile Consultant
I have been in software development for over 20 years, primarily working with Fortune 50 companies in large-scale delivery. Over the years, I transitioned from an application designer to team lead, to business intelligence developer, to project and program management over software, infrastructure, and data initiatives. As a result of my leading Waterfall, Agile, and blended/hybrid initiatives involving complex product rollouts, data center migrations, and emerging technology solutions, I have gained a varied perspective on how to overcome challenges to delivery.
Over the past few years, I have been able to share my acquired knowledge with various companies in multiple industries, including telecom, transportation logistics, pharmaceuticals, and insurance. My experience includes assisting portfolio management transformation, providing agile and SAFe training to leadership and change management, and delivery process transformation at the team and program levels.

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Terry Hensley

J.D., Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant

A consultant with over 18 years of varied professional experience, I have led soldiers in the field and business professionals in the boardroom and courtroom. A love of learning and an almost consuming sense of curiosity have led me through an exciting and fulfilling life. My father often joked that my first word was “Why?” I am a proud prior serviceman. I served in the Tennessee Army National Guard for eight years and received the Commandant’s Award during my Primary Leadership Development Course leading to my promotion to Sergeant. I actively practiced law for over 12 years before being introduced to Agile practices. I was hooked when I took my first course and immediately saw the benefit of being “Agile” even outside the development environment. Since taking that course (and many others), I transitioned to Agile Consulting and continue to focus on helping develop and guide lean-agile servant-leaders in software-adjacent and non-technical areas. I hold SAFe 5.0 SPC, RTE, and Scrum Master certificates and am currently enjoying disproving the misconception that “Agile only works for software development.”

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